A bilingual dictionary for the learner and the educated person of the 21st century

37x5The target reader – The English-Maltese Dictionary for the 21st Century by Charles Briffa is a bilingual dictionary for the learner and the educated person of the 21st century. It has been specially prepared with an accessible style for the user of Modern Maltese in contact with English texts – in fact, for anyone whose business is words. It is a volume, therefore, for

  • the professional,
  • the translator,
  • the educator,
  • the student,
  • the journalist,
  • the creative writer,
  • the politician,
  • the advertiser,
  • the after-dinner speaker,
  • the crossword fanatic,

and any other user of Modern Maltese who wants to find the right word for an English term, and who has mastered the rules of Maltese and English, and has acquired a sufficient amount of vocabulary that enables him/her to understand the two languages of moderate difficulty. It is for the Maltese bilinguals who want to develop further their knowledge of how words are used and what they mean.

An invaluable aid –It has been designed to give such users the most practical assistance in selecting the best forms and in considering the most suitable derivatives, especially when they find themselves stumped for the right word in a practical context. It lists

  • current words,
  • general words,
  • specialised terms,
  • derivatives,
  • compound words,
  • idiomatic expressions,
  • verbal phrases

that the user is likely to come across in daily communication and in formal and informal material – so the dictionary ranges from standard usage to colloquial and slang. And for all the listed items there is information on grammatical function, and definitions are clear and often straightforward. Entries in a defining style represent the richness and beauty of the Maltese language. It is a dictionary that takes translation equivalence very seriously. So, very often alternative forms are given to provide the reader with the luxury of lexical variety. Furthermore, distinctions between different senses of the same word enrich an individual’s vocabulary. All its parts, in fact, have been planned and constructed to give the bilingual users qualified support in their communication in the two languages in question. In certain instances, examples show current usage.

It also includes four appendices of particular value to the translator

In short, this dictionary is a substantial work that provides a balanced view of contemporary English and Maltese, fully related to modern needs.

About the Author

Charles Briffa is Professor of Maltese and Translation Studies at the University of Malta. He has translated several technical and literary works and his publications include a wide range of studies in the fields of language, translation, and literature in both Maltese and English. He supervises postgraduate students working on the compilation of specialised bilingual glossaries for their second degree; he is a member of the terminology committee of the National Council for the Maltese Language; and he is instrumental in the accumulation of monolingual terminology for the Kullana Kulturali series of monographs in Maltese. He was the president of the Akkademja tal-Malti (the Academy of Maltese Language) between 2000 and 2004. He is the author of numerous works amongst which are Rhythmic Patterns in Maltese Literature (2001), Travelling between Shadows (2007), New Wave Literature in Malta (2007), A Dictionary for Specific Purposes: English-Maltese, Maltese-English (2007), Translation Practice for the Maltese Bilingual (English-Maltese-English): A Coursebook on Translation (2009), Dizzjunarju tal-Kullana Kulturali (2010), and The Essential Oliver Friggieri: National Author of Malta (2012).

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One Response to A bilingual dictionary for the learner and the educated person of the 21st century

  1. Mario Griscti says:

    Niżżikom ħajr tat-tagħrif dwar it-tnedija tad-dizzjunarju bilingwi ġdid kompilat mill-Professur Charles Briffa. Indubbjament xogħol ta’ utilita’ mmensa li mela’ vojt kbir issa, f’dan il-qasam.




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